January 2018

It's silent in the church today, only the dulcet tone of longing permeates the air. But a single radio crackles alive in a lonely land.

Through its art direction and environmental storytelling, signal. challenges the player to look beyond the obvious to see the patterns hidden throughout the world. Loneliness and the desire for connections is the emotional through line of this post-apocalyptic land, painted soft with sunny disposition yet harrowing in its solitude. Come explore the depth of the human connection in this thematically intensive puzzle game.

Team of 8 strangers, created in 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2018.
Headed art direction and development workflow, and assisted with narrative. I reconciled concepts into one coherent product and leveraged the skill sets of seven talented individuals into an effective team. Also designed the thematic structure and mechanical groundwork for the game, and painted UI and set pieces. I worked closely with all other development branches through this process, from refining the product aesthetics with our sound designer to directly communicating asset handling with the programming team.