January 2018 - March 2018

Two awful wizards use pages of a necronomicon to summon caustic arcana to do battle. A deconstruction and reconstruction of the quintessential trading card game genre, Necronomistake fundamentally plays with the standard interactions found in the deck customizing games it heralds from. Players do not necessarily go head to head, but rather saunter upon the edges of cooperation and competition in this rouge-like card game, utilizing equipment they've prepared to defeat the monsters they themselves summon. Not only are the choices they make in regards to their deck important, but the positioning of their actions throughout the game have heavy strategic implications.

Team of seven, created under game format constraints as part of Intermediate Game Design course at NYU. Led team, designed mechanics, iterated upon prototypes, established visual style, created art assets, wrote text.

Chain The Rainbow

September 2016 - December 2016

A strategic abstract and informational game where players attempt to secure the most of their Winning Color on the board without alerting their opponents. Colors must be chained on the board according to ROYGBIV order. Play is fast paced yet balanced as the main mechanic of chaining allows for a large freedom of movement as Action Cards stir up tedium by imposing various unique challenges between opponents. Significant focus was placed upon the graphic design so that the mechanics could be understood by younger audiences, as well as accessible to the vision impaired.

Team of three, originally prototyped as part of the abstract game assignment and later finalized as the final game assignment in Intro to Game Design at NYU. Conceptualized mechanics, iterated gameplay designs, established visual style, created art assets, designed instructional rulebook and product packaging.

The Singing Bone

October 2016 - November 2016

Once upon a time in a certain country there was great concern about a wild boar that was terrorizing the land. Four siblings, promised a large reward for slaying and presenting the hide of the boar to the king, set out upon the four ends of the forest. Based off the German fairy tale of the same name, The Singing Bone is a viscous game of fratricide that presents unique playthroughs via an immense probability and modulation system.

Team of four, as part of the narrative game assignment in Intro to Game Design at NYU. Conceptualized mechanics, iterated gameplay designs, established visual style, created art assets, wrote narrative text, and lead team in partitioning tasks.

Mortal Proxy

July 2015

Mortal Proxy is a competitive board game intertwined with strategy and sandbox elements. Players, like warring deities, sculpt clay to shape the forms of their Proxies. They then use the abilities granted by fulfilling these sculpting tasks to knock over the opposing Proxy. Players learn to strategize the application of their cards as well as improve the design quality of their Proxy in an inherently lighthearted game of creative thinking and resource management.

Solo, as part of the final game assignment in Game Design at RISD Precollege. Conceptualized mechanics, iterated and tweaked design, established visual style, created card assets and product packaging.