Game development with a focus on interaction design and concept art, internships, and other works.

Potions For Sale

Visual language conceptualization and UI/UX design for a mock game and its branding. Character, environment, and product design.


Deeply environmental story created in a 48 hour game jam. Team and project management, visual direction, narrative design, and game development.

Tabletop Game Design

Various traditional game works, ranging from abstract resource management competitions to narrative driven horror. Game, interaction, and product design.

Quixotic Ring

Social simulation game. Artificial intelligence scripting, UI/UX, and character design, self-managed through a one month development period.

maritime sole

Whimsical physics-driven game about creative problem solving. Game design and audiovisual work under a self-managed agile development workflow.

Sequential Art

Narrative illustrations and storytelling projects, ranging from web-format comics to both solo and collaborative videos with emphasis on a directed aesthetic.

Facebook Connectivity

Product Design internship at Facebook. Graphic and interaction design, higher-level auditing, cross-team collaboration, and formal presentation.


Narrative-driven puzzle game punctuated with 16-bit aesthetic created in a two week game jam. Concept design, character writing, pixel and animation work.


Collaborative storytelling initiative with an emphasis on each contributor putting forth their own characters and expressing narratives in a pre-established world.